What I’m Going To Ask Juliano + Richard Tonight

Aloha! This is going to be a fun conversation with Richard and Juliano tonight on Raw Inspirations Radio. Juliano has been at this for a really long time. I’m going to dig into his early days of raw, and ask him to share how he discovered raw foods and began to come up with the immaculate recipes he serves now at his rawsome restaurant PLANET RAW in Santa Monica.

Richard is an absolute gem of personal training and raw foods fitness. I’m going to ask him how people who are inclined to work all the time such as myself can find ways to work fitness into their lives, and also, dig into his personal raw journey.

Check it out! Tonight at 7 PM pst, 10 PM est LIVE, immediately archived after the show at :: www.visionarycultureradio.com.

You can CALL IN at 646-649-1957 to listen in from your phone ;
You can LOG IN at www.visionarycultureradio.com and create a blogtalk radio profile, and be able to chat with other listeners on an IM
You can LISTEN IN at www.visionarycultureradio.com live or on archives.

Much love!

Laura Fox



About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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