David Rainoshek Interview Notes!

Here are some notes from my interview (now archived on RAW INSPIRATIONS RADIO) with David Rainoshek. We got into some really next level superhero stuff!

He says, “French Women Don’t Get Fat” is a good book for getting the ‘attitude’ toward eating. The book is not great for ‘what’ to eat, but just for helping us frame our thinking about eating. And he stresses, beating ourselves up is not a choice. Guilt should be released and understood for what it is – if we’re going to eat something we should enjoy it!

David went on to talk about how men and women orient themselves toward diet and food differently. Women tend to grow from feelings of fullness. We’re talking about masculine and feminine energy here. Women, or the feminine nature, tends to gain meaning thru a sense of fullness. Men tend to find growth trending toward freedom. Differentiating food from friends, emotional life and how we feel about ourselves for women. A feeling of fullness that is positive is saying ” I eat nutrient dense foods. By body receives because of the choices I make every thing I require. The man needs to come to terms with the fact that food is actually important. Not to be such an opportunivore, “not caring” about what he eats.

For overeating, when you feel like ‘running’ to junk food, instead of running to something that is going to not do me any good, I’m going to rationally decide to ‘run’ to the best thing possible. This is part of the Juice Feasting training too. You ‘run’ to something you really want, like ‘the best raw food ever’ at the super market, or the bookstore and let yourself get whatever you want.

Ken Wilbur and IntegralNaked.com, Big Heart and Big Mind by Genpo Roshi, Bill Harris and Holosynch all do retreats together, and David feels they are all very high level teaching that can help us overcome old patterning and create new neural pathways.

There is a Cure for Diabetes – David was the research assistant for this book with Gabriel Cousens. Dr. Cousens is working on getting a scientific study going to validate the findings they discovered with the ten people who got well in their program as documented in this book and in the film Simply Raw.

Juice Feasting is a Hero’s Journey! David is a follower of Campbell’s work and also Ken Wilburs and his new work will be reflecting some of these peoples’ thoughts.

Juice feasting and starving are two parts of a spectrum. Breatharianism is very different. Jameth and David feel there is a reason why some people may not last on raw veganism. It may be we haven’t properly landed at the vegetarian level, the vegan level or even the raw level, it might make someone go back to meats or other ‘less than optimal’ tendencies. So it’s good to go through the stages, access the benefits, get tired of it, then release it and organize at a higher level, say, vegetarianism.

My center of gravity is I’m raw vegan. But now it’s winter and I’m in CAnada, and I’m eating some beans and rice. And I’m okay with that because emotionally, etcera, this is what I’m needing right now.

What does a healthy vegan, raw vegan, vegetarian look like? One major thing is to NOT FEEL GUILTY about where we are.

Relative Truth :: Where are you along the spectrum of consciousness with food? If you are moving from the SAD Standard American Diet to a healthier lifestyle, someone like Dr. Weil would be great for you. If you’re ready to go raw, then the raw teachers will have relevant information and ‘truth’ for you. I like this idea as it takes the competition or conflict out of it all. It’s just :: what’s right for you now?

92 Day Program is the pay part of the program with pages of information to assist people in an intuitive course for the 92 Day Juice Feast Program.

David was suffereing from :: acid reflux and inflammation, pain in stomach, waking up agitated every morning, toxic, eating organic vegetarian, and still having these problems. He figured out how to do juice feasting and found if you can drink up to a gallon of fresh juice for up to 92 days or longer as needed, this allows you to keep you going for much longer than you could on just regular juicing. Juice feasting provides all protein, fat, carbohydrates, nutrients that you need, and you can maintain your daily life.

He says a lot of gunk comes out just with a 92 day juice feast, however typically, the liver needs a little more time and attention over time. Dr. Cousens Liver Flush can be helpful. You need to pick the right time to do a liver flush. Coming out the other side of a liver flush might leave you dietarily confused. So it might not happen, just be aware that a liver flush is a big thing.

Check out more of what David is up to on JuiceFeasting.com and also you can hear this interview on the archives at www.RawInspirations.net!

Mahalo! Great interview David!


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