I just had live blood analysis! Way cool!

Aloha! I just had my first live blood analysis. It’s very fascinating! This process is truly an eye opener for what’s actually going on inside our bodies. We watched a slideshow about how it works in the morning, and then had our blood examined live under the microscope. The little red blood cells are so cute moving around! White blood cells are like ‘garbage trucks’ that move around and pick up bacteria and other toxins. The red blood cells have different shapes depending on whether they are healthy or not. If a person is not processing their fats, the red blood cells will show up as ‘shadows’ of themselves.

On my ‘mostly raw vegan’ diet over the last eight years, during which I’ve been 100% raw vegan most of that time and an average of 80% raw vegan the rest of the time, I have been through many different ‘flavors’ of the raw foods diet. I can see the results of the ‘sugar’ in the form of raw honey in my blood, and realize once again I need to cut way back on the pure sugars! I used to be addicted to sugar as a child. When I first went raw, I was using a lot of dates and raw sweeteners. Then I went on a lighter raw foods diet, and even stayed off of raw sugars like agave, honey, dates for a long time – then had a boyfriend who I helped to ‘go raw,’ and started eating again what I made for him. So I never went back to the low sugar scene after that! Now that I see my blood, I know I will need to cut back on the sweeteners.

In a few minutes, I’m having a session with Lou Corona, a man who is 57 years old and looks 38. He has been raw for 36 years! Lou has a fascinating story which we’ll be hearing on Raw Inspirations Radio very soon. He is a great raw foods teacher who has helped people restore their bodies in so many ways. I will be taking Lou’s advice to correct long-standing issues that haven’t been resolved even with 8 years mostly raw vegan. So I will be blogging about this on upcoming posts!

I will also post the slides from my blood analysis as soon as I get a chance!

Overall, the key seems to be green, green, green!



About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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