Special Interview with Sylvia Clute: Restorative Justice, Raw Foods + Waking Up

Author of Destiny Unveiled, Sylvia Clute joins Laura Fox with special guest Randy Olsen to discuss new paradigms in the legal system, how her granddaughter overcame asthma with RAW, and Deepak Chopra’s new book on Awakening To God Consciousness

Wednesday, November 5 7:00 PM Pacific Time, 10 PM EST
internet radio – archived immediately following live show – global
Aloha! This is an internet radio interview which will be archived and listenable 24/7 immediately after the show. Aloha! Sylvia Clute is one of these exceptional beings who come along to guide us in our historic moments of waking up to new paradigm realities. She spent years as a trial attorney in divorce law, and became oppressed and shocked by the backwards nature of the system she was trained in, began a spiritual path of awakening, started the first women’s bank in the south, ran for US Senate / Virginia, ran for Attorney General of Virginia, then went on to Harvard’s Public Policy School. Sylvia has since authored DESTINY UNVEILVED, a book which elaborates on 7 Spiritual Principles for Governing a People, and which also helps people shift from fear to Love. She is working on another nonfiction book which will be revealing her personal experience as an awakening trial attorney, and examining ways in which we can heal the system of justice in America. Laura Fox and Sylvia Clute are joined by Randy Olsen of Celebrity International who will share his inspirational story of meeting President Clinton. I look forward to having these two amazing beings on the show. We will also discuss Deepak Chopra’s new book Awakening To God Consciousness, and we will also hear the inspirational story of Sylvia’s granddaughter who is no longer asthmatic after Sylvia started giving her raw foods. Sylvia is a raw foods enthusiast, eating mostly raw foods, and has been Laura Fox’s raw food student for many years. Together they have fun creating recipes, holding classes and generally working the dharma in the most profound and fun ways. Enjoy this potent show!


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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