Raw Spirit Show Special :: The British Are Coming!

Karen Knowler :: Suki Zoe :: Angela Stokes :: Joel Gazdar activate the internet airwaves with Raw Spirit Show host Laura Fox this Sunday in our Second Annual Raw Spirit Show Special Addition :: The Brits Are Coming!

SUNDAY, AUGUST 24, 10:00 AM PST :: 1:00 PM EST :: 6:00 PM UK

Meet the UK contingent of raw vegan educators, who double as Raw Spirit Festival presenters. Many of our beloved British cousins will be coming to see us in Sedona in just a couple of weeks!

This gang of gorgeous health nuts always have insights and playful educational inspirations for everyone.

:: This year’s focus of the annual Brits Are Coming Show ::

:: Cleansing Secrets :: To Do’s, Not To Do’s + Craziest Cleansing Stories!! ::

Join the fun LIVE Sunday, August 24 ~ and no worries if you are at the beach ~ the show will be immediately available and archived at www.rawspiritshow.com!

Angela Stokes
Award-winning author Angela Stokes lost an amazing 160lbs with a raw lifestyle, reversing morbid obesity. 30-year-old Angela went raw in May 2002 and her life has since dramatically transformed. Her website, www.RawReform.com shares her amazing story of recovery, along with guidance and inspiration for others. She shares videos, before/after pictures and also blogs almost daily (http://rawreform.blogspot.com). Angela offers books, retreats, consultations and lectures internationally on raw foods. In February 2007, she completed a 92-Day Juice Feast and her juicing book inspires countless others into juicy journeys. Her most recent book ‘Raw Emotions’ explores raw food transformations beyond the physical level.

Angela’s Talk at RSF is called ‘Radiant Raw Transformations’:
Angela released 160lbs from going raw, reversing morbid obesity. Her life went on to transform in every way imaginable; emotionally, mentally, spiritually and much more, beyond the physical. In this talk, she discusses how eating raw can be a key, helping us shift towards a more authentic version of ourselves. Tips on handling cravings, emotional eating, social issues, following your bliss and more… 😉

Suki Zoe

Suki Zoe is a Super-Food-Living, Liver Loving, Colon Hydrotherapist – when she’s not traveling, making Xocolati and mischief, taking photographs, writing & drinking Tea.  With the intention of feeling more vibrancy, joy & clarity in every moment – her path has led to a cleansing lifestyle, embracing new health paradigms: this year, her 4th and longest Juice Feast lasted 84 days.

As an ex-art student who found herself in NYC (quite by accident) – studying with the Colonic Maestro Gil Jacobs (quite fortuitous) was a turning point. Suki also to loves to throw raw chocolate parties; co-host (with Joel Gazdar) of New Horizons – a weekly series of talks @ inSpiral Lounge, London: a free-flow of information, community & fun are an essential part of her work/life. [She has an inexplicable fascination for cephalopods]

Suki’s RSF Presentation :: 5pm Sunday :: she’ll present a talk with Shea Lynn Baird “Deep Tissue Cleansing”

Karen Knowler

Karen Knowler is The Raw Food Coach and former Managing Director of The Fresh Network, the UK’s Raw and Living Foods organization. With over 14 years of personal experience of eating a raw food diet, Karen has been teaching, writing and coaching professionally on raw foods for almost nine years.

Co-author of Feel-Good Food and author of the forthcoming Raw Food for Beginners, Karen has lectured around the world, has been seen by over 6 million viewers live on national TV, appears frequently in England’s national press and has coached and worked with people from all backgrounds including well-known celebrities. Karen’s extensive knowledge and experience of all issues relating to raw food eating, as well as her accessible, positive and inspiring take on “eating for energy” make her the most sought-after raw and living foods expert in the UK today.

Joel Gazdar, Ch.D

Joel is a inspirational speaker, well-being alchemist, gastronomic architect, event promoter, design developer & enthusiastic entrepreneur from the UK. Having studied the natural sciences, arts & the shamanic way for over 13 years, at Raw Spirit 2008 he will be presenting.

Recognizing the practical results being received by himself and his companions, with complete turn-arounds in experiences of aliveness.

Chef Workshop:
SuperLifeLibations: Devotion Potions & Alchemical luminescence essences

Devoted to the eternal voyage of appreciating perfection’s creative evolution: epitomized by the infinite intelligence of life and it’s epi-centre >< within (every physical body). Reconciling the diverse ancient & modern disciplines. Known globally as “Doc Choc”, Joel continues to initiate many creative raw food projects in the UK, over the last eight years, and presents outrageously delicious & outstandingly nutritious “LuminEssences” gourmet ‘potions of devotion’, and profusions of dishes. Coaching with ‘Empowering Lifestyle Alignments’ and presenting at numerous events every year. He has pioneered the growth of SuperLifeFoods across the world having alliances on projects across The USA, Europe and Asia. Including innovating a range of ‘ShamanicCacaoSuperfood’ recipes @ Jubb’s Longevity NYC, teaching in the Bay Area, chefing and crewing @ Eden Hot Springs liquid recharge with David Wolfe & Kerrie Cushing and The White Pyramid/ Buddha Belly Shaman’s Bars in both Goa & Dharamshala -India with Julie Lambert.
Before the age of 17 he was co-hosting leading edge underground social celebrations, combined with environmental activist & artistic expression promotion platforms. He is enthused by shining examples that welcome Life emerging from the momentum of flowing with inspired action towards what feels fulfilling (one’s purpose/ bliss/ ‘joy of service’).
Joel studied degree’s in architecture at three universities, until the awakening dawned that WE are the embodiment of supreme creation, which has led to a decade of immersion in every health & culinary system on earth. Together with pioneering partners establishing Britain’s first Raw~Superhero~Yogi home, HQ of the solar-powered ‘Supernatural Raw Cafe’, who hosted events across the UK with a plethora of well~being contemporaries and artists to advance the field of personal metamorphosis. He has been having fun sharing his Chocoraw™ creations since the rediscovery of cacao. Through ‘In The Raw’, He enjoys catering, and running The Cellular Sustenance Saturation Clinic – The Alchemical Shaman’s Bar‘ producing The tastiest foods and tonics. He is the founder the perception expanding and vitality unleashing ‘New Horizons!’ event every week, which brings in guest specialists from around the world to promote their passions. He has lead many people on transformational detoxification into rejuvenation and has worked with other adventurers on the forefront of human potential attuning, such as the likes of Dr. Eugene Tsui through tools including:  evolutionary architecture and designing flow systems with our paradise earth, he has studied every ‘ology, with every teacher accessible. Most enjoying integrating full spectrum success technologies including wild super-foods & their liquids.  Currently he runs ‘I’m Juicy’ rejuvenation feasts with a dream~team of well~being “wizards”.
Joel’s ‘Guide to the Outrageously Outstanding’, as well as ‘SuperLifeFood’ and ‘Tantric Eating’ Recipe books are being published in 2009.
Most recently the co-creative venture to bring entertainment and live food together, with inSpiral Lounge on the canal in London’s Camden Town, (in the same vein as his previous urban oasis ‘Alchemy’ in King’s Cross) where he appreciates sharing nature’s ineffable wisdom and training up the next generation of raw alchemists.

Through catalytic collaborations with others living/vibrating in authenticity with the wild power of their awakened inner beings- Joel has finds himself fortunately opening to resonance with the flow of excellence, from which he had once nearly completely disconnected himself.

Joel has also been regular contributor the Raw Inspirations E-zine and publishes articles under the alias ‘Cosmic~Cacao~Boy’.
When not growing the vision, potion brewing and becoming fluent with impulses of innovating & inventing from the stream of essential solutions that desire to be designed into existence, he is to be found thrilled~ adventuring in the untamed with friends, jumping in the ocean, writing poetry and exploring music.  Joel loves anything that challenges his ability to express appreciation for and embrace the present.

Our client List has included: Triumphant Events, The Big Green Gathering, Healthy Concerts, The Lemon & Honey Club, One World Camp, Tribal Earth, and Led Zepplin’s Jimmy Page.

In The Raw@ www.joelgazdar.com

Check it out!


Laura Fox :: www.rawspiritshow.com


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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