Raw Spirit Radio Show Tonight!

The Raw Spirit Show with Special Guests Cherie Soria, Rainbeau Mars, Frank Giglio takes place tonight!


Enlightening Earth

Catch the Raw Spirit! Wednesday, July 23, 2008
~ Cherie Soria ~ Frank Giglio ~ Rainbeau Mars ~

Living Light Culinary Arts Founder ~ Raw Vegan Chef + Athlete ~ Global Peace Ambassador

Cherie Soria, Frank Giglio, Rainbeau Mars

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Enlightening Earth
Raw Vegan Activation!
Living Healthfully on a Raw Vegan Diet includes delicious gourmet foods and lots of great exercise! We’ll talk shop with Raw Gourmet Chefs Cherie Soria + Frank Giglio, and we’ll explore the RAW benefits of running and yoga with Frank + Rainbeau.


In this second show of our 2008 season, we’ll take a look at the most popular and professional raw vegan culinary arts school in existence, the Living Light  Culinary Arts Institute, founded by Cherie Soria; speak with Tree of Life graduate and raw runner Chef Frank Giglio who just ran 100 miles on raw vegan foods; and find out the yogic secrets to happiness with Rainbeau Mars.
Check it out!
Laura Fox

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Raw Spirit Show July 23, 2008 Line Up

Hostess and Raw Spirit Show Producer Laura Fox of www.RawInspirations.com has gathered another triad of Raw Superheroes to help us ACTIVATE our highest destiny path of doing our part for the awakening of collective consciousness. Their inspirational lives are truly role modeling for us ways we can have so much fun while doing our part to assist in THE SHIFT!

Festival Founder Happy Oasis will also grace us with a Raw Spirit Festival Update each week!

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Cherie Soria

Cherie Soria is the founder and director of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, and has been teaching the fine art of gourmet raw living foods to individuals, chefs, and instructors for well over 15 years and vegetarian culinary arts for more than 35 years. Cherie is also the author of several books, including the classic Angel Foods: Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies, and the soon to be released, Raw Food Diet Revolution: Feast, Lose Weight, Gain Energy, Feel Younger! Cherie has personally trained many of the world’s top raw food chefs and instructors and is often referred to as the mother of gourmet raw vegan cuisine. Cherie and her husband, Dan Ladermann, own and operate several raw food businesses besides the culinary school, including a raw vegan cafe, a retail store providing gifts for chefs and products for healthful living, and a historic eco-friendly inn, all located on the beautiful Mendocino coast of northern California. They also host the Vibrant Living Expo, a raw food and healthy lifestyle conference at the Living Light Center each August. Cherie and Dan have received numerous awards and accolades for Living Light International, which is recognized as one of the leading raw food businesses in the world.

Frank Giglio
Raw Vegan Chef Frank Giglio just completed a 100 mile race! Just before the race, Frank wrote: “6 months of hardcore training is over. Now I rest, hydrate, and fuel for this coming Saturday’s event. The Vermont 100 in a non stop 100 mile foot race up in the hills of central VT. High fruit, low fat has given me the ability to push myself week after week. The time has come to push myself again. I look forward to the weekend and seeing what I got inside!!!” Well, evidently Frank ate enough raw food, because he completed the race, and will tell us all about it on Wednesday!
Frank’s Raw Food Page: http://eat.rawfood.com/rawfood/rawfoodfrank

Frank Giglio’s Site

Rainbeau Mars
Yes, this yoga beauty is the daughter of raw foods leader Brigitte Mars, and she’ll be with us at this year’s Raw Spirit Festival. Rainbeau writes: “Yoga is there for all of us. Yoga is like a gift that we’re given and it can transform our lives by helping us become conscious with ourselves and ultimately our community and the world. Good yoga is the observation of self and the simple intention that you will be more of who you really are when you practice it. Yoga gives me a sense of inner peace, clarity, trust, confidence and ultimately UNION with myself. I believe that this is what yoga can do for people. Let’s take that journey together. I wanted to create a place on the Internet where you connect with me but also with each other. This is it, my official website, RainbeauMars.com. This is the place to learn about the spiritual, holistic and therapeutic gifts that one is given through yoga. I invite everyone to my website to explore my world of yoga and I also provide advice for beauty, meditation and overall wellness. Take the time out of your life to release yourself from your everyday routine and visit my website.” On RainbeauMars.com there is a feature called the Message Center. It is the one place where you can send messages directly to her. And guess what? She will reply to your questions, comments and concerns. Talk to Rainbeau about anything: yoga, nutrition, beauty, lifestyle. Anything that comes to mind. Send your blessings to her and to everyone. It is the perfect place for yoga enthusiasts to come together and grow together.

Rainbeau Mars


Laura Fox
San Francisco Bay Area · Richmond, Virginia · Los Angeles · Sedona, Arizona


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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