Three Day Water Fast

For some time now, I have been guided to do a three day water fast with three gallons of water per day. Even though I heard this guidance about six months ago, the time has never felt right. I have just landed back in my home town for a visit, and my friend Brooke has kindly made it possible for me to have a Kangen Water Ionizer, which is a medical device from Japan that they have been using with outstanding results for over fifty years. People here are reporting all kinds of success with the water, which truly allows the body to heal itself.

Interestingly, the water is restructured when it passes through the machine, as well as ionized, with an increased ORP (oxygen reduction potential), is micro-clustered to allow the small size of the molecules to truly ‘get in’ and hydrate the system, and is split into different levels of acid and alkaline as you desire. The restructuring is important to me, as the water takes on the natural, symmetrical hexagonal shape we see in Dr. Emoto’s water experiments, when the water crystals are prayed over and become more beautiful. This is significant, as it seems this hexagonal shape is the core structure of water. So I feel good about embarking on my three day water odyssey at this juncture. It also feels like the transition back to 100% raw for me will be made easier with this fast.

After 7 years of being 100% raw for most of that duration (there were six months where I revisited cooked during that time), I somehow gravitated to adding a bit of cooked vegan back into my diet. This escalated to where I was anything from 50% to 80% to 100% raw on any given day. While my body seemed to be able to ‘get away with it’ because of the healing it had undergone through raw for 7 years, I know that it’s not my highest choice, and I always feel better 100% raw. When I tune in to my body with kinesiology, it always says it ‘wants’ 100% raw. I believe it is simply my mind, emotions and social circumstances which cause me to want the cooked food. I truly believe everyone should be given lots of room and total authority without any projections of guilt to walk their own food path – and what is happening for me as I allow this for myself to do the same is that I always gravitate back to RAW VEGAN. My body has no interest in animal products at this point. I do like the superfoods and I look forward to sharing more about my personal superfood journey, including an amazing new live beverage you can make in your home that my friend Compton of Ascended Health is teaching me how to make.

My first experience with this particular water was that my body felt incredibly hydrated, like never before. I couldn’t stop drinking it as my body and cells seemed to be just soaking it up.

MICROCLUSTERING means the molecules get smaller so the water gets into the cells better.

My personal sense of integrity in the marketplace is such that I ONLY blog, talk, and share about stuff I think is REALLY GOOD, and this is definitely one of those things. I also watched my friend Amayea’s hair go from pure white to dark grey in the back. “I want my white hair back!” she said,  however, it is cool that the only thing she was doing different was the Kangen water, and I saw it happen before my eyes. Other people’s stories are more dramatic, for example, a woman walked out of hospice after her doctor told her to increase her daily Kangen water intake from several quarts to four gallons. It cleaned her out and she got a second lease on life! There are tons of such stories.

I will be writing daily about my experiences with the water fast. This will be my second three-day water fast ever. I did one the first time I went to the Raw Spirit Festival four years ago. I was so “high” on being with so many conscious raw people that I couldn’t eat and went spontaneously into a three day water fast. By the end of the three days,  I didn’t want to eat, but I was so weak and tired that I had to finally crawl to my VitaMix to make a smoothie. I would have kept going but my body wasn’t ready. I’m very curious to see how my body will respond to the Kangen microclustered, alkalized, high ORP water on this guided fast. I will let you know!

Wish me luck!



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Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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2 Responses to Three Day Water Fast

  1. vaughn says:

    Well, Laura, the Kangen water will totally give you energy unlike the other water you drank on your first 3 day water fast. That was really cool that you friend gave you an ionizer as I have been trying to get one for the past month and they can be very expensive. There is a “compassionate” plan or Toukeri or Samaritan plan where you can sell machines in the effort to earn them. It is a realy process and I have been working really hard attempting to sale the machines but honestly I have tried the water for days at a time and I really want to have the water all the time.

    I mean you just can’t in all clear conscious go back to the acidic waters that are on the market, and the catch 22 is that you must have water so you are forced to drink something on the common market. Well, let us know how you do. And that is a trip about gray hair reverting back black. Well, thanks for your comments,

    Yve, author of

  2. Hi Vaughan thanks for writing! It’s true, I feel much more energized on this water than I did on my last three day water fast. The company also has a zero down plan where you can go ahead and get your machine too, did you know about it? I know what you mean, once you start drinking this water, its like the other water just doesn’t cut it, especially water from plastic bottles are just not right any more. 🙂 Keep shinin!

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