Harmony EcoVillage 2008

June 2008 ~ Eco Village Update ~ Harmony Festival
Raw Living ~ Raw Spirit Festival ~ Raw Games ~ Give Thanks

What a buzz we have here in the Bay Area preparing for Harmony Festival! It’s that pre-production late night super-hero activity time again… and the rolling hills of marin are whispering to me, reminding me of flowers and trees to climb… these are the reasons WHY I’m up late working on Eco Village, to protect and bless our precious planet!
Members of the Eco Village Crew will synchronistically be enjoying Cafe Gratitude on the same evening owners Matthew + Terces will be signing books at their San Rafael location this Wednesday nite. If you have yet to experience Cafe Gratitude, with its almost all raw vegan selections, it’s a ‘must do!’ I love the “I Am Cool.” Matthew + Terces just wrote a book called “Sacred Commerce.” It is in fact time for us to re-ignite the Divine Re-Sourcing of a truly sacred commerce. I celebrate us all as we SHIFT it!

As promised, in this email are more details regarding all our efforts to co-create an amazing Harmony Festival Eco Village Experience in 2008! Scroll down for the complete lineup.

SNEAK PREVIEW: The Raw Line-Up includes Matt +Janabai Amsden, Greg Cipes,Rainbeau Mars, Victoria Boutenko, Cherie Soria, + Bruce Horowitz. Rumor has it Ms. Oasis will also be among us! A number of raw vegan vendors will be in attendance as well. I am working closely with Doron Amiran of The Solar Living Institute, Singing Bear of Aumnibus and LiveStyle, who will be our Head Stage Manager for Eco Village, Debra Giusti Harmony Founder, the multi-faceted event genius Brad Nye, and the Harmony Team. We have alternative fuel vehicles, hydroponic growing stations, permaculture workshops, an exhibit ‘featuring’ the rad gyre of the pacific ocean – a plastic waste dump the size of Texas… yes, folks it really is time to RELEASE the need for plastic bags… the Stop the Spray folks will be coming out… oh my, we’ve made a mess, and now it’s time to joyfully clean it up here on the plan-it!

Eco Village Crew includes Theo Mann my Lead PA from Raw Spirit Festival last year, Emrys Hanley, an awesome musician who also produces events in California, Bradford Tilden, who is a sound healer and crystal teacher, Samantha Sweetwater, an incredibly powerful ceremonialist, Cohen, Lindsey Vona, JJ Jacques of CAST, Matthew Edwards of Circle Center, Jay Ma of Living Mandala, Zan Hyde, Kay Devries, Tyler Young, Nature Hogan, Scott O’Keefe, and so many more. I want to extend a special ‘advanced thank you’ to EVERYONE involved. I hope somewhere in this email everyone is mentioned. If not please forgive me, it’s kinda late!! 🙂
In between emails, large photoshop documents for the Visionary Architecture Exhibit which San Francisco’s DPI is sponsoring, and phone calls, I have been practicing guitar also, though I have been so busy, I have to catch up on my callouses again. Also I’ve had plenty of opps to work on my photoshop and InDesign skills. I’m enjoying doing graphics + visionary art again. My most recent art is posted on my tribe site at http://www.tribe.net/lighteningblossom.

I also want to introduce you to one of my new sponsors, Chad Ashley Vandenberg of Noble Life Elements. Chad’s very large vision is truly in alignment with the  multi-dimensional nature of my service work, including living foods education, the holographic living model (ask if interested, I will send those feeling resonance more info on this exciting project), visionary stewardship training, Sacred Commerce, and more. Chad + Noble Life are helping me in continuing my leading edge service work in so many ways. Thanks Chad! (He’s kind of a genius. I’m still mind-boggled at the stuff he’s brought into creation and I’m feelng so grateful.)
Just for fun, I’m going to start including one of my poems in each issue of RI. You’ll find it at the bottom. 🙂 This one is called THE BLACK STONE. I have written three books of poetry and several other books which are not printed yet. This summer, my dream is to finish two of those books, “Raw Inspirations” and “Visionary Stewardship.”

We are also collectively making headway toward production of my  dream-baby, the Anchor The Dream Music Project through Visionary Culture, which I’ll share more about soon…
Okay, back to Eco Village!
Next Monday, we’ll be on site setting up at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds. The robust schedule is filled with educational workshops, conscious activated speakers and activities, music, an eco-fashion show, three panels including the World Council of Elders, an Eco Confessional Booth, fun exhibits, and more. I’m really really stoked to be hosting Matt Atwood of Our Future Now, Daniel Pinchbeck, David Wilcock, Alex Grey, Astarius, Chris Dekker of Earth Dance, Manaka, Human and Brockell of The Human Revolution, Tina Malia, David Kai, Joanne Rand, Marca Cassity, Cohen, Kevin Danaher, Shiva Rea, Lori Grace, Lindsey Vona, Spencer Sherman, and so many fab permaculture + green-activation teachers like Lauren Thomas, Aureliano Davila, Massey Burke, Jay Ma… shew!

Did I forget anyone? You can see the full list below. 🙂 + I hope to see YOU there!

Scroll down for full Eco Village Activation!
To check out the full Harmony Festival Scene
click here: http://www.harmonyfestival.com

O yes, and I’ve been wanting to introduce you to my friend Estara as well. Estara is a multi-talented Goddess who is truly walking her talk and sharing so much healing energy with people and planet. I’ll be interviewing her in an upcoming issue. In the meantime, please check her out at http://www.estaraweb.com. She’s taking a group to Peru this fall, and has a new sound activation CD out which I just  ordered.

In Harmony,

Laura Fox
Manager, Harmony Festival Eco Village 2008
Founder, Raw Inspirations + Anchor The Dream

P.S. Very soon after Harmony, I will share more details about my involvement in the upcoming Raw Spirit Festival and the Raw Games. 2008 is quite a rich + full year! We’re waking up, just in time!

My buddies Cipes + The People are preparing to drive up the coast and play on Community Stage as well as our Eco Village Pedal Powered Stage. Kipchoge and The Ginger Ninjas are ‘pedaling’ up the coast to help us activate alternative power with their bike-generated PA system.
I hope you will check out my blog too, I am writing here quite often these days. Please drop me a line on: rawinspirations.wordpress.com

All is Well ~ Be Ever Grateful ~ Extend Love + Kindness!


The activations continue in my exceptional time on the West Coast. Managing the Eco Village at Harmony Festival has truly taken my work in the raw foods~ green~consciousness~healing movement to another level of service with joy.
Eco Village will be filled with Raw Inspirations: Matt + Janabai Amsden of Rawvolution, Victoria Boutenko, Cherie Soria, Bruce Horowitz, Rainbeau Mars, + the owners of Cafe Gratitude will all be presenting. Also booths by Noble Life Elements, Bruce’s Sun Kitchen, Lydia’s Lovin Organics, Bliss Bar will all be livin up the raw lifestyle at Harmony.

This is going to be the best Harmony Festival ever this year. I’m so looking forward to it and it’s only just weeks away now! Scroll down for full details.
I hope you can come out and play!

I’ll be posting the full ECO VILLAGE LINE-UP next. In the meantime, please check out the listing for ECO VILLAGE below, along with the entire Harmony lineup.
I’ve been working very diligently to co-create outstanding programming + an Eco City Visionary Art Exhibit. Please send me your thoughts + inspirations after you take a look at this email.

I hope to see you there! Come find me at Eco Village to say hi.
You can also check out the Eco Village Schedule which is now available online at www.harmonyfestival.com.

In Harmony,

Enlightening Earth
Laura Fox
Manager, Harmony Festival Eco Village 2008

P.S. O yea! I almost forgot! I spoke with Happy Oasis and Apollo at Raw Spirit Festival, and the Raw Spirit Show is coming back, later this month. More soon! Also the Raw Games are in the works~first ever raw olympix!

Enlightening Earth

P.S.S. …and this email contains tons of details about Harmony Fest. This will be my first year there. It’s a huge 25,000 person festival in Sonoma County. Everything from volunteering to the amazing charities Harmony is suppporting, the musical lineup, Healing Sanctuary, Goddess Stage, the community Stage and more is outlined below for you.

Cipes + The People will be there too! He will be one of the MC’s, and they will play on Eco Village Stage + Community Stage.

Cipes + I had an amazing outing in the redwoods last weekend getting ready for Harmony.

We’ve both been seriously digging new outstanding food items like gold rush from Noble Life Elements. Some exciting things are in the works in conjunction with Chad of Noble Life, Visionary Stewardship, Cipes + global activation. I blogged about our day in the redwoods, it’s called Redwood Ragas. We played some good music, ate amazing raw foods. More photos and a blog about it are on the redwoods raw ragas page of this blog.

Lovin Life! ~Laura

Greg Cipes
Laura Fox

Please forward!Celebrating 30 Years of Harmony!

Music * Art * Ecology * Healthy Living * Spirituality

June 6th, 7th & 8th 2008
Sonoma County Fairgrounds
Santa Rosa, CA

See complete email: Harmony Email Online
You can join HARMONY Email List for Festivals/Concerts/Workshops Year-Round
They do not give out your email address. Click Here



of the Grateful Dead – The Meters
of Phil Lesh and Friends
Rising star jazz stylist from NYC
featuring: Pete Sears, Barry Sless, G.E. Smith,
Jimmy Sanchez, Anne & Roger McNamee
Suzanne Sterling * Rebecca Riots * Resin 7
Steel Toed Slippers * Byron Space Circus

“Harmony After Dark”
(9pm – 3am – $30/35 – separate ticket)

Grace Pavilion
“The Return of the Mother Ship”
With J-Boogie * DJ Motion Potion * DJ Malarkey
Yosi Fine with The Kusun Dance Ensemble (Ghana)

Harmony Hall
The Jazziz “Ambiotica Lounge”
Produced by Motema Music and Anon Salon
Featuring the best in contemporary Jazz, World Music & Exotica!
Featuring Roni Ben-Hur (Israel), Kevin “Bujo” Jones (Motema NYC), Dj’s Jeff Stott & David Starfire (six Degrees), plus special guest Sukhawat Ali Khan (Pakistan). Plus highlights of the film “Burning Man: Voyage In Utopia” & discussion with Alex & Allyson Grey and David Best.


Grammy Award Winner / Album Of The Year Nominee 2006
(First ever North Bay appearance)
Grammy Award Winner / Best New Artist / 2 Billboard Top 10 Songs
North Bay Blues Legend & 5 x Grammy Award Nominee / John Handy Award Winner “Best Blues Artist”
Global World Music star / Grammy Nominee
& Academy Award winner For The Movie “Frida”
Hottest Up & Coming Band In The Bay Area
Tracy Lyons
Singer & environmental activist
Wavy Gravy’s People’s Parade with Vau De Vire Society
Cipes & The People (L.A.)
Five Eyed Hand * Hand Me Down
Ancient Mystic & the Real Far Band
Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe

“Harmony After Dark”
(9pm-3am – $30/35 – separate ticket)

Grace Pavilion
RJD2 – FreQ Nasty – Vau De Vire Society –
Cheb I Sabbah – Heavyweight Dub Champion
BLVD w/ MC Soul Eye – Luminesque
Live Painting By Alex Grey – DJ Dragonfly
Alchemystics – Cyphertown’s MC Goodfelllow
Liquid Fire Mantra – Holistic Hooping
Chill Temple Hosted By Groove Garden

Harmony Hall
The Jazziz “Ambiotica Lounge”
Presented by Jazziz, Motema Music & Six Degrees Records. Produced by Joegh Bullock and Anon Salon. Featuring the best in contemporary Jazz & World Music. Featuring KJ Denhert, Charnette Moffat & Jana Herzen (Motema NYC) , Dj’s Jeff Stott & David Starfire (Six Degrees), plus special guest vocalist Yungchen Lhamo “The Voice of Tibet”. Plus highlights of the film “Burning Man: Voyage In Utopia” & discussion with Alex & Allyson Grey and David Best.


2007 Grammy Award Winner Best World Music Album
Grammy Award Winner / Billboard #1 Song “Tennessee”
featuring Paul Kantner, Dave Freiberg & Cathy Richardson
Performing classics “White Rabbit”, “Somebody to Love”, “Volunteers”
JGB with Melvin Seals & Friends
“The Gospel According to Jerry” Sunday service
Poor Man’s Whiskey * Free Peoples * Social Prophet Choir
Naomi & the Courteous Rude Boys * Feisty Females

“Harmony After Dark” (9 pm)
The Harmony Festival 30th Anniversary

A Charity Benefit for Tibetan Refugees, ACE and
World Family Ethiopian Orphans
Separate Ticket for the Benefit
Tix $20-$50 sliding scale – Includes food & drinks
Shimshai & Friends – Yungchen Lhamo “The Voice of Tibet”
Tina Malia Band w/ special guests – DJ Cheb I Sabbah
Medicine Drum – Harmony All Star Jam + DJ Dragonfly

Celebrating our connection with Earth
while supporting Ecological Awareness in Action
More Music: Andius * Manaka * Marcia Cassity * Joanne Rand * Cohen
Astarius * JJ Jacques * Emrys Hanley * Bradford Tilden * Lindsey Vona
Speakers: Eugene Tsui * Kevin Danaher * David Wilcock * Victoria Boutenko * Matt Amsden Matthew + Terces Engelhart * Rainbeau Mars * Cherie Soria * Bruce Horowitz * Daniel Pinchbeck * Alex Grey Jahn Ballard * Jay Ma Lauren Thomas * Aureliano Davila * Doron Amiran * Massey Burke * Mia Rose Maltz Denielle Basom * Singing Bear * Shiva Rea * Spencer Sherman * Lori Grace * World Council of Elders Samantha Sweetwater * Matthew Edwards * Matt Atwood * Laura Fox * Daniel Solnit Water Flowform by Patrick Garretson Compton Rom Bada * Michael Gosney Chris Decker * Teresa Rousseau + Earth Dance Circle Ceremony
Eco Fashion Show with Kashi + DJ Orion Twist * Visionary Architecture Exhibit * Solar FountainEco Confessional Booth * Community Workshop Circle
Eco Panels: Artists In Action + Surviving + Thriving Into Our Future:
How Do We Change Human Behavior To Align With Nature?
Sponsors: Clear Edge Power * Solar Living Institute * Next Generation

A kaleidoscope of Women’s Culture, Spirit and Music
KJ Denhart * Larisa Stowe & Shakti Tribe * Megan McElroy
Megan McElroy * Feisty Females * Rebecca Riots * Pamela Parker
Kate Price * Debra Giusti & The Goddess Dancers

A sacred space offering an interactive experience
exploring pathways to consciousness
Goddess Alchemy Project * Fanna Fi Allaho Arjun Baba and the Guardians
Lori Grace Starr * Global Sound Healing * Spencer Sherman
Leslene DelaMadre * LaSara Firefox * Cherie Soria
Ongoing workshops and ceremonies in the Earth Temple Dome & Lotus Tent

DANNY GLOVER – Actor and Social Activist
Alex & Allyson Grey – Visionary Artists
Shiva Rea – Yoga Instructor + The Global Mala Project
Kevin Danaher – Co-Founder, Global Exchange, Author
David Wilcock – Visionary and researcher of conscious science
China Galland – Author – Director Images of Divinity Research Project
Daniel Pinchbeck * Victoria Boutenko * Eugene Tsui
Matt Amsden * Michael Gosney * Eric Corey Freed
David Best * Lori Grace-Starr * Spencer Sherman
Supervisor Mike Reilly * Rue Furch
Jared Huffman, Assemblyman

Radford Quamahongnewa -Hopi Snake Priest – Lei’ohu Ryder – Hawaiian
Sonne Reyna – Yaqui, Woody Vaspra – Chief Of The World Council
ChoQosh Auh-Ho-Oh – Chumash/Yaqui wisdom keeper
And many more to be announced…

Interactive workshops
350 Vendors
Eco Village
Healing Sanctuary
Culinary Expo
Village Marketplace
Kids Magical Playland
Harmony Altar


The World Family Ethiopian Orphans and Medical Care
Yungchen Lhamo Foundation
Trees for the Future

Partnering Organization
ACE – Association for the Creative Endeavor

Sponsored by:
New Belgium Brewery * Sunrise Center * Lagunitas Brewery * Inticketing
Pro Gardening Systems * General Hydroponics * Clear Edge Power
Cutting Edge Solutions * Motema Music * Jazziz * Odwalla
Revolution Moto * Honest Tea * High Country Kombucha
Readers’ Books * Solar Living Institute * Common Ground
The Bohemian * Bay Guardian * East Bay Express * SF Station

ALL WEEKEND PASS – $99 ($175 value) $139 @ gate
WEEKEND CAMPING – $30/$40 @ gate (per person)
VIP MAGIC PASS – $300 (limited availability)

Lower than last year!
“ALL WEEKEND” PASS- $119, $139 @ gate
“ALL DAY” TICKETS (Fri, Sat, or Sun): $30 advance, $35 @ gate
“HARMONY AFTER DARK” TICKETS (Fri or Sat): $30 advance, $35 @ gate
FRIDAY ONLY “Day and Night Combo”: $50 advance only
CAMPING PASS: $30, $40 @ gate per person
RV PASS: $75
Kids under 12: FREE

(limited availability)
Magic Pass $300 (include all access!)
Deluxe Magic Pass (includes RV accommodations backstage)

Friday, June 6th: 2pm – 10pm
Saturday, June 7th: 10am – 10pm
Sunday, June 8th: 9 am – 9pm
Night Time Shows: 9 pm – 3am
Camping Opens: 2pm Thursday
Gates Open: 2pm Friday

For further Information and advanced ticket purchase:

Harmony Festival is a green event!
Please carpool. Bring your own water bottle. Leave No Trace. No coolers in concert area. Absolutely no pets. No illegal drugs or unauthorized vending. No unauthorized photography or video cameras. Releases available at front gate.


The World Family Ethiopian Orphans
and Family Care Center
In support of Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley’s appearance at Harmony Festival ’08, we will be donating $20,000 to the non-profit organization, The World Family Ethiopian Orphans and Family Care Center. All funds raised will be going towards the development of the The Yemegnushal Community Center in Gara Dima, Ethiopia that is being built to implement community based orphan support programs. The center’s services include health care, well water, solar energy, educational workshops, health education, vocational training and job opportunities and more. The center will be built in a green and sustainable method with emphasis on self-efficiency for the community. A visual exhibit of this Center’s design will be on site throughout the weekend at the Eco Village. This program is truly unique in that it gives the community and orphans of Gara Dima numerous opportunities to be self-sufficient in a place which lacks resources or hope.
Visit http://www.theworldfamily.org/ for more information.

Yungchen Lhamo Foundation
Foundation seeks to address the dangers faced by Tibetans in the occupied territories of Tibet and the more than 120,000 refugees who have fled across the Himalayas to other countries since 1959. The goal of the Foundation is three-tiered, with a special focus on the needs of Tibetan women: to inspire, education and sustain.

Through our ticketing service company, In Ticketing, and their partner, Trees for the Future, an organization dedicated to regenerating the earth by planting trees, Harmony Festival will help plant one tree for each ticket sold this year.
Planting trees protects the environment and helps to preserve traditional livelihoods and cultures for generations. Harmony Festival is proud to support In Ticketing, who has sponsored the planting of hundreds of thousands of trees to date. Visit http://www.InTicketing.com for further information.

Fill every seat! http://www.spaceshare.com/harmony

Be a part of making it happen!

Genernal Inquires: info08@harmonyfestival.com

Media Inquiries: media08@harmonyfestival.com

Laura Fox
Laura Fox ~ Visionary Culture ~ Anchor The Dream ~ Raw Inspirations
Manager, Harmony Festival Eco Village 2008
“We are the ones who are not waiting any more!”


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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