Warming Things Up

Excalibur Dehydrators Rock!

On this chilly spring morning in Woodacre, I’m inspired to mention this morning that while we don’t want to heat our foods above what is comfortable for our body in raw veganism, we can enjoy food with warmth. The rule of thumb is that if you stick your finger in the pot and the food feels to hot for your finger, it’s too hot for the enzymes in the food. If warming raw foods on the stove, it is important to stir constantly and keep the tempterature on low. A glass pot is ideal. This is particularly nice on a chilly day when one might be tempted to eat cooked. Imagine warm chocolate milk, warm miso soup with seaweed and chopped raw veggies… mmmmm!

The Excalibur Dehydrator is also a good place to warm food. Even hearty stews and things like that can be warmed on the teflex sheets.

Check out Matt Amsden’s book RAWvolution. I’m sure he won’t mind if you ‘lightly warm up’ some of the outstanding recipes in his book in your dehydrator. Just remember to keep it slightly warm, not hot! Matt will be one of the speakers, along with Victoria Boutenko, at the Eco Village Stage at Harmony Festival this year. I’m very excited to be managing the Eco Village and bringing Raw Wisdom to the stage to benefit our people and the planet. The Eco Village page on the website is not quite up yet, so check back often as the new site will launch soon with so much exciting news about Harmony Festival developments.

I do use herbal teas that are heated. I try not to boil the water, and to let the tea steep. My understanding is that the geometric shapes of the herbs’ stuctures remain intact despite the heat, even if the enzymes bite the dust. The geometries are how the herbs reconstruct and heal. Of course, my belief is, if we can use the herbs without over-heating, so much the better.

Enjoy some warmth in the tingles of spring before summer heat arrives, and you can still KEEP IT RAW!

Matt's Book Rawvolution


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Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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