Raw Lifestyle Film Festival Success

Los Angeles was sunny and the feeling of community at the Raw Lifestyle Film Festival was quite warm. We all enjoyed one another’s company and the many outstanding films designed to initiate change and healing in our world. I gave the awards for All Jacked Up about youth coming to discover the hazards of modern ‘foods’ and finding better, wholer ways to eat, and Valya Boutenko’s new movie ‘Reversing The Irreversible.’ The first of these outstanding films was made on behalf of teenagers, helping an entire generation to ‘wake up’ to food abuse. It helped them come to their own conclusions regarding what really is good to put in their bodies. And the second is made by a young woman who has been a dynamo in the raw foods world since she was in her early teens. I truly celebrate our younger generation embracing the higher qualities of food and self-nourishment. It gives me hope for our future.

David Rain and Katrina had fun making us laugh and holding space as this year’s MC’s and Cipes and the People rawked the house. You should have seen the dancing with Viktorus Kulvinskas and Robert Cheeke. Robert is an award winning vegan body builder. We got to practice doing the pretzel. I was really inspired by Greg Cipes and his band. Cipes will be up in the Bay Area next week for Evolution Festival in Fairfax, and also at Harmony Festival on the Eco Village Stage which I’m managing, as well as the Community Stage. Harmony Festival is June 6-8.

In my continuing volunteer efforts for RLFF, I am helping to compile the DVDs for a discounted group purchase. I’ll write more about that soon.


About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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