Golden Spiral Maui Activation & Raw Vegan Retreat

Golden Spiral Maui PERSONAL & PLANETARYACTIVATION & Raw Vegan Retreat with Mikael King, Laura Fox, Elaina Love, Band of Light! Raw Vegan Activation Gyration!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008
– Sunday, January 13, 2008

Aloha and Happy New Year!

I’ll be in Hawaii for most of January and February.
Good job, Universe! I’m loving it!
We’ll be blessed with Divine Raw Vegan Cuisine all week with the lovely Elaina Love. We have quite an
exceptional line up of activities including a trip on the Dolphin Boat,
Visionary Stewardship, Designing Your Highest Destiny Path —
Holographically —!! so please
feel free to request the schedule from Mikael and Jodi so you can check
out the details further:
I’m overjoyed to be helping Mikael facilitate the retreat.

Please check it out at, it’s coming up soon and I think there are still a few spots left.
Here’s what Mikael writes about the retreat:Come experience a LIFE-Transforming, ALL-INCLUSIVE four night/five
day exquisite taste of the OHM Communiversal Spiral Vision in Magical
Maui at Hale Hoomana Retreat Center this January 9th – 13th, 2008!

The NEW YEAR Dreaming Waters of Haleakala-Maui are calling you to
CO-CREATE with us the next embodied level of Spiritual Transformation,
Holographic living, Global Eco-Community Downloads, and Spiral
Education with us on the FIRST NEW MOON Week of 2008!


Source dreams the harmony of the universe into material existence through the perfect geometry of the golden spiral.

The Golden Mean or Spiral Sequence is the name derived by the
Divine Proportion or PHI ratio ‘discovered’ in all of organic nature
that creates incredibly efficient growth patterns, coherence,
harmonics, and inherent sustainability of all manifest energy. PHI is a
constant value, which is a number with no arithmetical solution. The
decimals just keep on going into infinity without ever repeating

The Phythagoreans, Leonardo Da Vinci, Plato, and many others
intentionally used this shape for they found it everywhere in nature:
the Nautilus Sea Shell, Ram’s horns, milk in coffee, human bone
structure, the face of a Sunflower, a cedar pinecone, your
fingerprints, our DNA, and the shape of the Milky Way Galaxy. Crop
Circles are often created in various forms of the Spiral because it is
the code that embeds information into the Earth Grid more than any

If we view the universe as the nonlinear plane of clouds that
encompasses all dimensions and frequencies, then the spiral is how we
break into the plane of the 3D world through this energetic flightpath
down into manifestation. This is the only geometric way the universe
can generate charge and motion – a force that creates the
Electromagnetic Spin Field that composes the entire spectrum of our

The golden ratio spiral is fractal in nature (meaning self-similar
and infinitely repeating through all dimensions), without end, without
beginning. Because of this mirrored resonance of itself, harmonics of
light, sound, and energy travel through the spiral form with zero
resistance, which means energy becomes superconductive through it.

As this energy spins faster than the speed of light, a black hole
is created which breaks through the linear spacetime domain and unites
with Source. This form is what links all units of creation with each
other, generates SYCHRONICITY, perfect design, and connects us with the
Quantum Field where the seemingly impossible becomes reality as the
spiral of our co-creative consciousness connects with the ‘future’
desired manifestation… the manifestation which is already real and
impulsing you in the mirrored ‘past’ to think of it!

Can’t get your head around it? Just register your body,heart,mind, soul for Maui and leave the rest to us!

Golden Spiral Communiversity Retreat Facilitators

Throughout the Golden Spiral Communiversity Retreat, we will be
facilitating a new self-empowering experience where all participants
will joyfully support in the beautiful co-manifestation of our shared
retreat temple space. From the incredible workshops to the preparing of
live food with Elaina Love, from assisting in alter set up to helping
with the sweat lodge, from carpooling to the whale boat to supporting
someone’s healing process, from relaxing in the tubs to sharing
holographic living space, everyone will be asked to come into direct
engagement with co-creative service. It is no longer valid for there to
be any seperation between facilitators and participants, this is a
roundtable Golden Spiral Retreat gathering which will go deeper and
further than anything we together have ever experienced before!

Goddess Almighty, it is about time!

After FIVE spiritually creative DivineJoy retreats in the last 3
YOU! As we leave the year 2007 for 2008, it is now, more than ever, the
perfect time to abundantly unite, open up the sacred heart, and
joyfully transform together into supporting and living this New Earth
Communiversal Lifestyle right here, right now in Maui.

We are absolutely ready to be in complete communiversal consciousness with you and we pray you FEEL the same!

Without a doubt, the Golden Spiral Communiversity Retreat will be a
GLORIOUS inter-generational focal point gathering that will sew the
global seed codes for Embodied Transformation and Co-Creative
Communiversity for 2008 and many years to come!

If you are RESONATING with our Intent, Join us in Maui today!

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About Laura Fox

Laura Fox, host of Visionary Culture Radio, produces events and media to assist in The Shift.
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