Sustainable MBA? Wow, That’s Cool.

Celebrating Sustainable MBA Programs! is an accredited University which offers an MBA in Sustainable Business. I’m speaking with one of their students, Brett about this, while we are driving North from the Bay Area to Shasta for a Solstice weekend. The weather is clear, and all of us in the car are aligned with our common notion that we need to build community and leverage our collective skills to move into a new paradigm of collaboration beyond competition to create solutions to the current global challenges we face, ecologically, socially, economically, mentally and emotionally.

Brett was drawn to attend Presidio in San Francisco because he is passionate about sustainability, and has always wanted to be able to apply it to his life, and has done so in every way, except in the area of his paid work in the world. There has of course been a divide between the people with resources and the people who have solutions to these challenges, and creating bridges between the worlds of money, resources and visions is the master key to spinning the wheel of manifestation for the many visionary and ecological projects now seeking funding and activation.

As I mention the prophecy of The Eagle and the Condor as a visionary template which supports these intentions, Brett brings out his Native American flute and tells me an elder from the Incan tradition had told him of this prophecy as well. The prophecy states that at a certain time, the people of Vision would come together with the people of means and resources to create a bridge and a ceremony of collective solutions which help humanity collectively birth the new ways of being leading to an age of harmony and light.

He says, “Presidio is filled with people who are passionate about their work, and actively disscovering their calling for the work we are meant to bring to the world.
People who are trying to align their values with their profession are
attracted to this place.
Presidio teaches leadership skills for how to change corporate structures, your base business skills, while the main platform of the program is leading social change, with many communications classes and systems classes. You learn the basics of accounting and information, yet also learn what’s wrong and ‘not sustainable’ with current practices and learn ways to change it.”

“I like to open up the space to where what I’m applying myself to on a full-time basis is working towards producing a better world,” says Brett.

Wow, I really celebrate this.

This shift in consciousness is exactly what is needed to bring people into their passion in their work-life. Imagine a culture where everyone is doing work that they absolutely love, in total alignment with their personal integrity. This kind of shift makes a huge difference in the kind of work that gets produced, in the interactions between and among members of any organization, and creates a climate of collaboration based on joy, sustainability and a common focus for the greater good. The old paradigm of work-as-pain is over, and the possibility for people to make money and receive benefit from their efforts is now burgeoning into the collective consciousness, and I personally send my blessings of empowerment and love so we can all co-create ways and means of economic well-being which actually are in harmony with our desires for sustainability and harmonious living in a Visionary Culture.

I am excited that a whole new wave of business leaders are emerging now who will be able to assist in professional management of the many conscious, eco-social projects which are emerging from the many networks of world-servers I am in touch with.

Brett says “Its very frightening and satisfying at the same time to be immersed in this environment, because you are immersed in all the latest data and thinking of how much time we have on when systems are going to start breaking down. For example, the level of greenhouse gases that scientists had hoped we wouldn’t reach has been surpassed: 450 parts per million. So all the latest news that has been coming out is that it’s happening a lot faster than we thought. At the same time, a lot of new technologies and cultural shifts both in business and in other societal sectors, evidence that the counterbalance is happening as well. So it’s really hopeful because you get all this information about the good stuff that is happening at the same time as the problems are crystal clear. It’s a very charged environment to be immersed in right now.”

The college is growing every year. Brett has 50 students in his class. There are three other business schools which are also focusing on sustainability. Bainbridge Graduate Institute in Seattle, there’s another one in the Bay Area called the New World College, and a third has just opened up on the east coast.

There are real life based learning opportunities and the college works with non-profits and groups to assist in making business plans. I highly recommend our family of activated eco-social entrepreneurs check this out and leverage the opportunity to work with people focused on the business end who can help us get our more qualitative and down-to-earth work and projects into manifestation with excellent new paradigm business practices.

Brett is open to correspondence on this topic at Presidio has an open forum which people can visit. The school’s discussion forum is open to the public at

More information on Sustainable MBA Programs is here:

Stanford is listed in this article as having a good program, along with these groups:

Brett’s School Presidio is here:

I want to offer that we all spread the word about these programs to anyone who is interested in being a New Paradigm Business Leader. If our collective can bring in people with money skills who hold a common vision of a sustainable, harmonious culture, and “get our money act together” with the help of those who have these grounded skills, there is no limit to what we can co-create.

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