Making Great Dehydrated Raw Foods

The Excalibur Dehydrator is definitely my recommendation for making super yummy raw dehydrated crackers, snacks, cookies, pizza crusts, breads and anything that resembles a “baked good.”

You can also make these treats with “the sun” if you have some screens and live in a very dry temperature.

While we don’t want to consume too many raw dehydrated treats and snacks, creating these luscious treats can be a great way to “go gourmet” with raw; to have some “recreational raw” fun, and to “be the bridge” for yourself or others when it comes to transitioning your diet to a healthier, raw plant based diet.


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Subtle Activism on OBO Radio: Intention, Coherence and Reality Creation

The Power Is Within

“All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we 
make our world.”
~ Buddha

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit 
a very persistent one.”
~ Albert Einstein

“It has taken humanity thousands of years to learn that it has the power to control its own destiny.”
~ Ernest Holmes

As we progress in this evolutionary phase of life on earth, more and more of us are realizing the connection between our thoughts, feelings and specifically, “energies” that go out to the world, affecting it.

Whether we wish to help someone heal, send protective energy, transform the cellular structure of soil like Mahendra Trivedi, or cause crime to diminish like a group of meditators under the guidance of John Hagelin, we are growing into our shoes as “spiritual adults” as we begin to use the tools of the trade of human consciousness and coherence.

These tools take many forms and are known by many names, but all of these terms resonate back to the same core Source of wisdom-knowledge:

New Thought movement founders such as Thomas Troward called it Reality Creation; Spiritual practitioners call it The Power of Prayer; Norman Vincent Peale coined the phrase and wrote an early book entitled, The Power of Positive Thinking, and David Spangler aptly calls it Subtle Activism. Lynn McTaggart of The Intention Experiment champions it with her powerful synchronized global meditations that she backs up with scientific data; and I coined the phrase Visionary Stewardship, through the creation of an inspired process called Anchor The Dream and described in my forthcoming book “The Heart of Collaboration.” The HeartMath Institute, The Gaiafield Project and The Global Coherence Initiative all have their beautiful ways of demonstrating, and even scientifically tracking the results of such divine efforts.

If it is true that focused thoughts, words, feelings and actions cause things to be brought into this reality, then it seems we are in our wisdom as we learn to leverage this power, not only individually to create great beauty, harmony and prosperity in our own lives, but also collectively, to Anchor The Dream of the new realities we are co-creating.

How do we become Visionary Stewards?
We are Visionary Stewards when we apply what we know about how thoughts create things to the betterment of our world. We are Visionary Stewards when we access the true wisdom of our creative nature and leverage it on behalf of sustainable solutions to global challenges. We are Visionary Stewards when we recognize that 
what we think, feel and do DOES make a difference…

Our guest on this week’s OBO RADIO: The Heart of It All, David Nicol from the GaiaField Project, will help us understand more about this “subtle activism” and its great as yet un-fully-tapped power.

If we can follow the advice of these high spiritual principles and the wisdom in the quote below, and follow it on behalf of not only ourselves but for the betterment of our entire world, we will truly “do greater things” than we can possibly imagine at this time:
“Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Your mind will seek to develop the picture…”

~ Norman Vincent Peale

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You are the one who gets to rock your world. Remember this. Even when others rock your world, you rocked yourself into their presence. It’s a testament to your magnificence, your ability to attract really cool stuff into your life.

And when really uncool stuff shows up—guess what? You rocked that in too. That’s how freakin’ powerful you are.

Rock on!

You ARE the power.


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Check out this smiling Buddha, sitting still, mastering his own mind and body in complete happiness!

The radiance around him shows he has also mastered his energies, raising them up to the crown and activating the pineal gland.
All or most of the sacred traditions depict this energy of light emanating from humans in some way.
The mystery of how they achieve it is revealed in the chambers of our own heart and dna if we sit, ask and listen: direct knowledge is superior to book knowledge, as Buddha and Jesus both told us.

“I release all teachers and all teachings.”
~ Buddha

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”
~ Jesus

Reflecting on the words of these wise ones, we can begin to further unwind our worldly mind which wants to grasp and cling onto concepts, precepts, taboos and tattle tales.
Releasing these, the universal energy that we already are, can begin to speak with us through that “still small voice” which patiently awaits our own inner timing.
How will our ability to co-create happiness and compassionate action in the world increase as we each in our own way seek within for that peace, that happiness and that love, quantifying the energies of Life towards the replenishment of that sustaining cosmic Manna that is our heritage?

“No try, only do.”
~ Yoda

Our guest this week on OBO Radio: The Heart Of It All Marc Ian Barasch will help us discover the ways and means to Happiness and Compassion. Last week, our guest Sekai Senwosret shared about the Happiness Initiative and how this is being translated into higher order economics.

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Chia Pudding

Chia Pudding is one of the most satisfying, easily digestible raw food recipes.

I like to make it with Nut Mylk. It is high in protein, and a great choice for a healthy breakfast or super popular dessert. I am personally not doing so much fruit or any types of sugars, raw or otherwise right now, because I’ve determined this is what is best for my body. However, you can use any type of sweetener you want, and you can add fruit as well. In terms of the “highest order digestion,” if you are going for that, you would eat any fruits on an empty stomach, and have the Chia Pudding without fruit.

Laura Fox’s Famous Low-Glycemic Chia Pudding
Inspired by Sylvia Clute

1 cup organic chia seeds
2 squirts flavored organic stevia (caramel is great!)(or other 2-3 tbs. other sweetener of your choice)
4-5 cups organic nut mylk of your choice, freshly made raw or packaged (if avoiding sugar be sure to get the unsweetened version)
pinch of sea salt
vanilla (either in stevia or nutmilk as flavoring, or by itself)
1/4 tsp or more cinammon

or –

reduce to 2-3 cups nut Mylk and allow pudding to set for 20-40 minutes

Stir really well at the beginning to avoid clumps.

Once it’s set up, stir again and add more liquid if necessary.


You can add chopped fruit as you wish. I usually chop the fruit, then
add lemon juice to keep the fruit fresh and not browning.

Sometimes I skip the fruit lately as I’m doing no sugar, and I add nut =
butter and/or hemp protein powder for fun. 🙂


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Unitive vs. Punitive Justice

Today on OBO Radio: The Heart of It All, the new show I’ve been working on, we’ll have guest Sylvia Clute discussing Unitive vs. Punitive justice. Sylvia is the author of “Beyond Vengeance, Beyond Duality: A Call for A Compassionate Revolution.”

LISTEN HERE FRIDAY 2 pm PST, 5 pm EST (Show Will Be Archived)

The show OBO Radio is co-hosted by Erik Lawyer, Sheri Herndon, Daniel Sunjata (Grey’s Anatomy) and myself. We’ll be speaking about these ideas on the grid below. Download it and check it out!


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We Proclaim 2012 To Be A Year of Love

Note: This article written by Laura Fox appeared originally in the One Becoming One Newsletter. Click Here to subscribe.

Hang in there, baby!

The trials and tribulations predicted at this time have both inner and outer aspects. Truly in this year of 2012 we will get to know even more deeply the multi-layered phrase, “It’s an inside job.” Transformation in the world is the direct result of transformation within. This is not easy at times. In fact, it can feel terribly hard and even treacherous to the personality. We don’t necessarily understand why we’ve cultivated the individual and collective karma we may be living through. Marek, the healer who works with Erik Lawyer and the OBO team (producers of ONE: The Event and OBO Radio) says, “Everybody’s going through it.”

On some level, each of us will likely face whatever in us still withholds love from the Self. Self Love becomes the Almighty Focus this year. What parts of us have we kept from love? Sometimes these parts are so hidden or we are so used to them, we don’t know they are there.

However, as Life Itself cascades through us this year, let us allow it to reveal the greater mystery of these hidden places so that from a place of true unconditional love for ourselves, we can also extend that unconditional love to all others. In this realization, in this act of Radical Self Forgiveness and Total Unconditional Love, we are at the absolute HEART of the cauldron of global healing.

Congratulations in advance for your success! May 2012 be a year of transformation, healing, insight, blessings, deep unconditional love, at-one-ment and true embodiment of our powerful visions for an emerging planetary harmony.

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Devic Dakini Activation: Honorable Taoist Practices for Rejuvenation
Saturday, December 10, 2011

Soul Centered • Ojai, CA • 1 pm to 5 pm

5th Degree Blackbelt and Taoist Restorative Practices Instructor Beth Leone and I look forward to being of Divine Service to you, Goddess, on your path of rejuvenation, restoration, replenishment and cultivation. We are truly honored to serve you, as we are aware of the great importance of YOU being in your highest health, most profound power and most magnetic joy so that you can gracefully fulfill your beautiful sacred purpose on this planet.

In this playshop, you will experience Taoist Restorative Practices and more in a safe, comfortable woman-only environment on this powerful day of deep relaxation, exhilarating dance and sumptuous treats.

CLICK HERE for details and to register!

CLICK HERE for an affiliate program which will allow you to receive a $10 gift per Goddess who signs up via your efforts!

Thank you in advance for spreading the word!





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What’s Up with Liberating Our Energy? Luminaries Free Energy Interview

I just got cooler by virtue of my friends. (big grin)

No really, I’m not kidding. And so did you!

Check out this new video produced by my dear friends Kevin Carpenter and the team at Elevate Studios with the Luminaries band. Their new song “Free Energy” features the beautiful singer Aishah.
10:00 am this morning: I’m so inspired by this video that I pick up the phone and call Guido Amore One of the Luminaries for a quick quote for the One Becoming One newsletter. Then J. Brave comes on the line and I capture a few more words. He and Free Will share about the deeper meanings of the video in the context in which we find ourselves these days. The resulting spontaneous interviews, being too long for the OBO newsletter, is posted here.

I want to share a shout-out to Kevin Carpenter, Mikki Willis, Felipe Soares, Will Bystrov and team who made this AWESOME video! Not only is the content dialed, the concept rocks! “It was a truly collaborative effort,” says founder of Elevate Studios Mikki who is honored to be working with such a talented team.


Laura Fox — “So what does this video mean to you Chris, in the context of the Occupy movement and everything that is going down on the planet these days?”

Amore 1

Guido Corleone Amore One aka Chris — “It’s a powerful statement on the current state of energy that exists. It’s time—it’s really time for a shift in the way we generate power—in all the ways that power is created in this country, whether it be what we use as fuel, whether it be how we govern ourselves, whether it be the theories of Nikola Tesla, or whether it be a new way of interacting with each other in the world, it’s really time for a SHIFT in energy and power.”

Laura—“What does the heart have to do with all of this?”
Chris—“The heart is the powerhouse of the body, and I think it’s a good metaphor for these forms of free energy that we talk about in the video. I talk about Nikola Tesla in the video, and Tesla believes that the earth is a conductor of acoustical resonance. If we tap into our hearts the same way Tesla proposes we tap into the heart of the earth, then it’s just another way of generating the human energy of love for change.”

Laura—“J. Brave, how does this video relate to us on the emotional level?”

J. Brave Luminous

J. Brave — “I think the idea that we are not enough or don’t have enough is something we’ve been dealing with for a long time. It has been expressed in monetary terms in this particular paradigm. Even in the area of self-worth, people feel they are “not enough” to be what they want to be in the world. The concept of free energy is freeing up the inner energy inside of us, and we also want to free up the world’s energy so we have the abundance of flow to manifest what we desire—whether its food, or fuel, or water, to take care of the people. We just have to choose to set an inner intention of doing something philanthropic to help humanity with our energy. We just have to shift our attention to these things and how we want to work together.”

Laura—“Free Will, how is this video a part of the solution?”

Free Will

Free Will— “I don’t believe in fighting against anything. I like to stand in peace. It doesn’t mean you make yourself ignorant but simply to find yourself standing in a more peaceful manner, a more intelligent manner.
As the saying goes, cooler heads always prevail. It’s about being more savvy about how you go about creating change. Things are hard for a lot of people. Our energy resources and systems, for example. I mean, come on! No child deserves to go through life witout at least being able to be warm, have water, have food. These are things a human being needs. I feel like that’s something every person should have the right to. Our old paradigm of hoarding, ownership, is not working, it’s not owrking at all. It’s been dying. I don’t know what’s going on on the universal level, but it’s going down. As a spiritual being and as a social activist for ten years, I am aware that it will really benefit a lot of people to have free energy. Some people can get themselves out of homelessness but they can’t keep the heat and lights on. Stress of utility bills has been high.
Our video is making people more aware of what’s really out there. We have been being silenced by the powers that be. The man doesn’t want you to know about these technologies, because the man wouldn’t be the man anymore. If every home used water catchment systems and we recycle our water, that’s a dollar out of the man’s pocket. The man has “little man complex.” I’d like to see an opportunity for various technologies to come forth.  Let’s revisit and reshape how we think of these things, get rid of some of this pollution, and make this a better palce for our children and our childrens children. Native Americans call it living the beauty way. It’s very important. As a musician, traveling and staying with people so often, I’m gonna clean up their house if I’m at somebody’s house. I’m not gonna leave it messier than when I got there. How this relates to energy is, we kicked up some shit. Nuclear power — that’s not going to biodegrade for a long time. That’s what we are gonna be remembered by. “Weren’t they foolish?” That’s what is going to be in history at some point when another being comes to this planet in the future. Like, wow, these people were smart, they had all this and still, they didn’t realize that all you needed was a certain technology to power everything? We have made things much more difficult than what they need to be. By releasing some of the patents on alternative energy tools, we can get back to that creative space and be close to the Creator. Creating is from the Creator. With the image and Light of the Most High, we can create in a better way.

Free Energy Video :: Luminaries featuring Aishah

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Occupy Love


Wow!!! What an amazing month of activation on the planet! People around the world are ‘occupying’ various places to make a stand for a different way!

Many of us solutionaries are feeling the vibe of “love” in all of this-and imagining new ways to frame collective action, from ‘protest’ to ‘pro-motion’-Promoting our way into the NEW positive ways. Clearly there is much to ‘go against’ yet as we push against old energies, with hatred and anger, it can have the default effect of simply making them stronger. How can we both stand up for what we want instead, ie, a different money system that is just and based on ecological principles of flow and abundance, while also doing our spiritual work of self-responsibility for our predicament, and forgiveness of self and all others who have all together been responsible for these manifestations? Can we really change things through hatred and anger, or is that the old way that has run out of steam?

That’s why I want to highlight the Occupy Love Movement in this transmission. What fantastic food for thought! Please tune in with Occupy Love and see what kinds of things people are thinking, about the ‘new activism,’ where we do what needs to be done from a place of non-resistance and love.

Many blessings!!
Love, Laura

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